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Terms and Conditions

  1. The customer is responsible for the hired equipment/furniture from the time of delivery until after collection and shall not pledge, keep or otherwise deal with or part possession withe the hired equipment / furniture. All hired equipment/furniture will remain the property of HIGGINS (Furniture Hire) Ltd. through the period of hire.
  2. Customers are responsible for breakages or losses to hired equipment/furniture. Any damage to hired equipment/furniture will be charged for at full repair or replacement cost. Cleaning charges will apply to equipment/furniture returned in a dirty condition.
  3. Hire rates are based on a 72 hour or weekly hire period. Longer periods can be arranged.
  4. Hired equipment/furniture should be used for its intended purpose. No responsibility can be accepted for injury or damage caused by use of hired equipment/ furniture.
  5. Transport Charges apply and include delivery and collection to and from a mutually agreed ground level location.
  6. All trollies, pallets and packing materials remain the property of HIGGINS (Furniture Hire) Ltd. and are to be returned.
  7. Drivers and porters are not allowed move clients furniture or equipment without HIGGINS (Furniture Hire) Ltd.’s written agreement.
  8. All hired equipment/furniture will be rented on a cash on delivery basis except where the customer has been granted credit facilities.
  9. All enclosed prices are exclusive of VAT at the current rate.