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Charred Pallet Couch

Dimensions: H:82cm W:249 cm D: 83cm



Dimensions: H:82cm W:249 cm D: 83cm

Meet our Charred Pallet Couch, the go-to choice for adding a unique and rustic touch to any event or party. Crafted from upcycled pallets, this couch is not just a seat, but a conversation starter. The wood undergoes a special charring process to bring out a beautiful, deep texture, making each couch unique. It’s perfect for event planners and hosts looking to create a memorable, cozy atmosphere that stands out.

This couch is as sturdy as it is comfortable, with cushions designed for long evenings of chatting and laughter. Its rustic charm is a perfect match for outdoor events, casual gatherings, or as a distinctive piece in eclectic event designs. Easy to move and set up, it offers flexible seating solutions for any space.

Whether you’re hosting a laid-back garden party, a lively barn wedding, or an informal corporate event, our Charred Pallet Couch invites your guests to relax in style. It’s an eco-friendly, practical choice that adds character and comfort to your event setup.

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