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Charred Pallet Banquet Table

H:82cm W:244cm D:104cm



H:82cm W:244cm D:104cm

Our Charred Pallet Banquet Table is the rustic centerpiece your event has been waiting for. Born from upcycled pallets and perfected through a charring process, this table isn’t just about meals; it’s about moments. Each table boasts a unique grain and texture, turning every gathering into a story. It’s durable, with a touch of the outdoors brought inside, making it perfect for weddings, banquets, or any festivity where memories are made. Easy to set up and inherently inviting, this table promises not just a place to dine but to connect and create experiences that linger long after the event ends. Ideal for those who cherish sustainability and style, it’s more than a table—it’s a conversation piece.

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