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Charred Pallet Armchair

H:82 cm W:89cm D:83cm



H:82 cm W:89cm D:83cm

Dive into rustic charm with our Charred Pallet Armchair, a perfect blend of sustainability and comfort for any event. Made from upcycled pallet wood, this armchair not only emphasises an eco-friendly approach but also introduces a unique, rustic aesthetic to your gathering. The wood undergoes a special charring process, enhancing its durability and showcasing the material’s natural textures and grains, making each chair distinctively its own. It’s sturdy, ready for both indoor whimsy and outdoor vigour, outfit with cushions it will invite guests to relax and stay awhile. Ideal for creating a laid-back, inviting atmosphere at casual events, garden parties, or any space that benefits from a touch of rustic charm, this armchair stands out for its simplicity and environmental consciousness.

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